I created this design as a remembrance item for families who have lost children. They could be also adapted to say Grandma/Grandpa/Nana/Papa/Brother/Sister, etc...however you want the wording.

All products are handmade/customized here at our facility by me. I can customize the item(s) you want however you choose. Whether it be with your name, a special someone's name, your favorite team name or mascot, or a special saying. Whatever you come up, I will do my best to make happen. Click on any product name below to be taken to the photo page to see some of my work.
The Baby Pacifier Keepers are approximately 14" long with 7" worth of beads. There is a round metal clip with plastic "teeth" on one end to attach to baby's clothing or a diaper bag. The pacifier attaches to the clip with a loop on the other end. Both ends are held together with metal snap fastners. I can make it shorter with less bead space if you would prefer. 

These can be made any length you request. I use hemp cord as the stringing material on these as well as screw together clasps.

$1.00 extra for additional strand
Keychain are @ 7" in length not including the ring with about 18 beads total. Have an idea that will require more space? That's okay too, I can put more than one strand on a ring! The strand itself is made of hemp cord.

$5.99 one strand
$1.00 extra for each additional strand